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Community Skating - what is this all about?

We are regularly asked about the skate community and what this means for our company ethos. As a not for profit organisation, RollerXpress was founded to support the development of grassroots sports in the community.

Our skate community encourages participation of roller sports from all backgrounds, genders, sexuality, abilities and inabilities.

We welcome all skaters to our community to create a safe space to roll around without judgement, harassment or negativity, promoting social inclusion regardless of how good a skater you are.

We strongly believe all forms of harassment, bullying or negativity should be prevented from entering our community and will not tolerate any form of negativity in our community space.

We refer to negativity as verbal abuse, physical abuse, threats, intimidation, complaints and negative Nancie's, complaining Karen's and Kevin's.

Any form of negativity observed inside the rink or communicated by email, social media direct or indirect threats will not be tolerated and RollerXpress will take action to ensure any form of negativity is minimised to prevent harm to those affected.

If you have been directed to this blog page as a reference point, the RollerXpress team have identified a communication from you that we feel does not align with our community ethos and request that you modify / refresh your community engagement to continue participation at the rink or communications have fallen below our community ethic.

If you are reading this blog page to understand what we mean by Community Engagement and Social Inclusion, this ethic represents our skate community where it does not matter who you are, what your background or income might be, as skaters, we focus on the sport of Roller Skating and encouragement of all skaters to learn new skills, develop motor skills, coordination, roll around confidently and learn new tricks.

To clarify the meaning of Not-for-profit, RollerXpress was established without shareholders to extract money from the business. Yes, like any other business, we must pay our staff costs and overheads to a reasonably and fairly.

All profits on the business are reinvested back in to roller sports; the development of new sports facilities; investment in skate clubs; the investment of sports coaching and new sports equipment.

We believe the ethical and continued growth of roller sports will occur providing there is ongoing investment and participation.

As a business, RollerXpress strives to operate ethically, morally and legally to ensure the ongoing survival of grass roots roller sports in the community.


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