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About Us

Our Story

We’re a family run skate business, operating since the 1970s. We’ve run roller discos all over the UK and seen skate trends come and go.

We’ve been thinking about this skate venue for many years and now, with the support from our sponsors, we're pleased to bring our vision to life.

This is how Roller Skating is meant to be!


Why Roller Skating?

This is Grass Roots Sport

Roller Skating is the only truly intergenerational accessible fun sport.

Roller Sports is a Sport England recognised sporting activity however funding is strictly limited when compared to other sports, for example football, rugby, cricket, athletics, netball, badminton etc etc.

Unlike all the other sports above, roller skating is THE most sociable sporting activity – where else can you exercise, have a laugh with your friends/family, listen to some dope music and relax at the same time?

Roller skating burns between 245-330 calories per hour (for an average sized person). This means not only are you strengthening your core, toning your legs and smiling all the way around the rink, you can look super stylish as you roll around.

What other sport offers this much fun?


Why not for profit?

We genuinely believe in the societal need for improved community engagement.

We believe our low-cost business model ensures the ongoing reinvestment back to the community to ensure longevity, improve sports participation and engages with families, young people, young adults, parents and grandparents to return to our safe, secure and fun community space.

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