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  • What is a Roller Disco?
    If you’ve not been to a roller disco before, here’s what to expect. We roll around an oval, changing direction from time to time from clockwise to anticlockwise. We play music, suitable for the age group, beat and tempo to fit the audience and make sure we all roll in a safe controlled manner. We operate skate sessions every 2-hours (most skaters roll for around 40-80 minutes) and if you’re keen enough, you can purchase a back-to-back session at a discounted rate! We have a drinks and snack bar with a chillout zone to relax, spectate and watch your friends roll around.
  • Is skating safe?
    We are regularly asked whether skating is safe to participate in. The simple answer is YES! Inherently, if you can walk, you can roller skate. We have skate coaches available and for private booking, if you want to improve your skating skills. We ALWAYS recommend wearing safety gear when skating and endorse the minimum standard of wrist guards when rolling around. Knee and elbow pads are available, all for free. We offer helmets for skaters, if you're looking for extra protection. We would like to remind all our skaters, Roller Skating can lead to slips, trips and falls and may lead to an injury resulting in a range of symptoms ranging from bruises to grazes to cuts to sprains or fractures. We operate a skate at your own risk policy. If you need any assistance, please ask a member of the team. All our roller skates are maintained to a high standard and from time to time, toe stops may fall off. Please report any defect to a member of the team for an immediate repair.
  • Roller Sports and Disabilities
    We are able to cater for specialist disability groups ranging from neurological / spectral needs to visual and hearing impairment. If you are concerned about roller skating or have any questions about participation, please get in touch to discuss your individual needs.
  • Safeguarding
    We operate a policy of young people and adult safeguarding to ensure the safety of all members. Staff are trained to identify and respond to any concerns around safeguarding. We operate Ask for Angela procedure if you feel unsafe or require assistance.
  • Equal opportunities
    We operate a non-discriminatory business and actively encourage all sectors of the community to engage with roller sports and welcome everyone to participate. In the event of any members reporting or observations by staff of any anti-social or discriminatory behaviour (online and offline), this will be dealt with, without delay in accordance with our club rules.
  • Age Suitability for Roller Skating
    RollerXpress recommends skating from the age of 5. We have many reasons for this age limitation for the protection of the child and to ensure suitable bone development. RollerXpress requests parents consider their child's suitability for wearing roller skates. Noting their foot bone development which matures/ stabilises between 4 and 5 years older, for smaller individuals this could be beyond the age of 5. Roller sports and roller skating increase the impact on the foot and ankle and may lead to soft tissue or bone damage if the bone tissue is not fully formed or continuing to develop. We do not recommend roller skating for children with small developing feet to protect the child and ensure full bone development Children between the ages of 5 and 8 years of age must be fully supervised by an appropriate adult at all time. This is a requirement to ensure the safety of all skaters at RollerXpress
  • How to Book
    Simply go to :
  • Amendments
    We aim to be as flexible as possible when it comes to amending your booking. If you would like to change the date or time of your booking or unable to add additional skaters to your booking, please get in touch with us to see how we are able to help.
  • Cancellations
    If you want to cancel your booking prior to your session taking place, we request a 72-hour notice to process any refund. We do not require any reason for the cancellation however we may ask you to help us understand better why you require the cancellation. Bookings cancelled on the day or within 72-hours are not eligible for a refund. We always are happy to transfer your booking to a new date or time.
  • Advanced & Online Tickets
    We recommend purchasing your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment in the event of the venue at full capacity. Tickets can now be purchased online up to the start of the session time and include skate hire where required as standard. If you wish to pay on the door there is an additional £2 surcharge along with the requirement to complete a paper waiver.
  • Are Spectators welcome?
    If you’re not sure about joining in the fun or simply want to watch skaters rolling around, listening to some pretty dope music, then you’re welcome to drop in. We charge £3 for spectators (no membership required). Please note: not all sessions are open to spectators so please check the session you wish to book
  • Do you offer Skate Hire?
    We have skate hire available for all sizes from Junior 12 to Adult 12 included in the cost of your online ticket. From time to time we may run out of a size and offer the next best available size for your shoe size. Children with feet smaller than a size 12 junior are recommended to use skates suited to their shoe sizing. RollerXpress is unable to provide skates smaller than a Junior Size 12. Please remember to wear socks! All hire skates are sanitised after each use and maintained to a strict schedule. If you have your own skates, you’re welcome to bring them too. Remember all skates should be fitted with toe stops or jam plugs to prevent damage to our super smooth floor. These are available to purchase on site from the skate shop. We offer free safety kit (wrist, knee and elbow pads) when hiring skates and recommend all skaters wear pads - no matter how good a skater you think you are - a fall is a fall and it may lead to an injury, preventable by wearing pads.
  • Parties, events and private bookings
    We welcome parties, events and private bookings to use our skate facilities. Please call 01452 90 58 58 to check availability or contact us here
  • Can I request music?
    Yes, of course! You can tag #SK8FAC on social media with your request in advance. We may not be able to play all requests but will try our best to accommodate all requests.
  • What type of music do you play?
    We play pop, indie/rock, disco and dance radio edit music, suitable for all ages up until 6pm. After this time, music may contain expletive or contain adult content – if you or your child do not wish to hear this, please plan your visit accordingly.
  • Where can I leave my stuff?
    We have free lockers available for skaters and a free cloakroom for coats, jackets and bags. Please look after your stuff and do not leave anything valuable unattended as we cannot be held responsible for any lost items.
  • Can I take a photo?
    We permit the use of video, camera use and live streaming on social media. CCTV is in operation for security purposes. If you do not wish to be recorded, please notify a member of staff.
  • No Membership, No Entry
    We operate a membership club for the good of the community. If you are not a member of the club or ask for special exemption from completing a membership form, you will not be allowed entry to the club.
  • No Bullying or Harassment of any kind.
    This includes verbal, physical, direct, non-direct and any targeting of Skate Factory members and will lead to immediate removal and banned from Skate Factory. NOTE: We do not tolerate this type of behaviour in our community space.
  • Skate Pads
    We recommend to always wear elbow and knee pads while skating – hire a pair of pads free of charge.
  • Skate within your abilities.
    If you need assistance rolling around – ask a marshal or a member of the team for help. If you’re asked to slow down or leave the rink, please follow the skate marshal’s instrucƟon
  • No gum!!!!
    We all love to have minty-fresh breath, but nobody likes gum stuck on their shoes, or worse sƟll gummed-up roller skates. Please bin your gum.
  • No Drinks on the skate floor
    Wet spills stop everyone skating and ruin the night. You are requested to keep your drink off the skate floor.
  • No Antisocial Behaviour.
    We’re all here for a fun time, rolling around the skate rink. If you are found to be under the influence of any substance, out of control whilst skating or causing a nuisance to other members, we will take appropriate action and remove you from the club.
  • Use the lockers.
    If you have any items you want to keep, please use the free lockers or store your coat/bag in the cloakroom – no charge! We are unable to be held responsible for any lost items on site
  • Right of admission refused.
    We want everyone to enjoy the fun at Skate Factory – from Ɵme to Ɵme, we may need to restrict access to the venue due to capacity or any other reason not listed here. Please don’t be offended and recommend booking your Ɵcket in advance to avoid any disappointment.
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