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Health and Safety Indemnity

Health and Safety Indemnity and our Responsibility to you

Skate Factory is committed to your safety and wellbeing at our community skate facility.

We have prepared this short advisory note to make you aware of your responsibility while using our facility.

You are responsible for your own health, safety and wellbeing whilst using our facility. Skate factory will endeavour to maintain a safe community space. To that end, we expect the following of each other:

  • Observe the skate direction and do not cross the skate track to avoid any possible collision with other skaters.

  • You will be kind to all skaters and show courtesy to each other.

  • Do not skate or exercise beyond what we reasonably believe to be your personal ability.

  • We shall endeavour to ensure that our staff and skate marshals are available to support you.

  • Not to be under the influence of any substance before or during participation of any event.

  • Not to harass, menace, bother or disrupt any club member by means of face-to-face interaction, online or indirect means. We do not tolerate any form of bullying in our club.

  • Personal possessions are left on our site at your own risk. We provide a free cloakroom and locker service (subject to a key deposit). Please use these secure facilities. We cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of any unsecured items.

  • Skate Factory and Gloucester Quays is a no smoking venue. Please do not smoke or vape on site. Members observed breaking this rule will be removed from the property.

  • Members are required to disclose any health condition (in full confidence) which may affect your use of our facility and where we can support you during any medical emergency.

  • If you are a wheelchair user or need assisted access, we require you to speak to a member of staff to ensure your safe use of our facilities to complete a Personal Emergency Evacuation form with the Duty Manager for the duration of your visit.

  • Skate Factory shall at all times keep confidential any information or feedback you give us regarding your personal information and any health condition you disclose to us.

  • We reserve the right to refuse admission or reject any member for misconduct or antisocial behaviour.

  • We reserve the right to ban for life any club member breaking any club rules and withhold any payment as forfeit.


Unlimited access and fair use

Unlimited Access and Fair Use Policy

Unlimited access and Fair use at Skate Factory means you have access to no more than TWO RollerXpress skate sessions per day.

We ask all Unlimited Access members to respect the rights of others to be able to use our facilities Unlimited Access is also subject to the venue being at full capacity. We recommend booking in advance for all tickets to avoid disappointment when the venue is at full capacity.

The full policy can be downloaded here

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