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Should Infants Skate? Clarifying Age Restrictions in Roller Skating

Why letting little ones roller skate might not be the best idea; a UK view on bone development for children under 5 years old.

This blog supports the idea, roller skating is suitable for children over 5-years of age.

Alright, picture this: a sunny afternoon at the park, children laughing and playing, the sound of wheels gliding along the pavement. Roller skating is a quintessential part of childhood fun but hold on just a moment —there's a bone to pick when it comes to letting the kids take to the rink too soon.

Bones and Bumps: A Delicate Balance

Now, we Brits are all about proper bone structure. After all, they're the scaffolding that keeps us upright and ready for whatever life throws our way. But when it comes to our ankle-biters—those under the ripe old age of five—we've got to tread a bit more cautiously.

You see, those bones are still in the oven, so to speak. They're not quite done baking yet, still soft and malleable as they grow and take shape. Throwing them into the deep end of roller skating might just be a recipe for disaster.

Growth Plates: The Tender Underbelly of Bone Development.

Let's talk about growth plates—those sneaky little bits at the ends of our bones that are like the architects of our future height. In wee ones, these growth plates are softer than a fresh batch of scones straight out of the oven. They're delicate, and they're not quite ready for the rough and tumble of roller skating.

When kids take a spill on skates, and let's face it, spills are part and parcel of the skating experience, those growth plates can take a real knock. It's like trying to build a sturdy tower out of Jenga blocks—things might not quite stack up the way they should.

In summary

While roller skating might be a blast for the bigger kids and grown-ups, it's best to hold off until the ankle-biters are a bit steadier on their feet. Let's keep those bones growing strong and sturdy, one cautious step at a time. Cheers to healthy bones and happy skaters!


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